All of our services are customized to meet the unique demands of your organization. One of our Principal Investigators will work closely with you to develop a protocol and personally oversee all aspects of your research.


Clinical studies will give you a competitive advantage by producing scientific evidence on the effectiveness and health benefits of your product in humans. This evidence can then be used to support a health claim or to promote and differentiate your product in the market place. At the WRNC we offer comprehensive clinical trial services. We obtain the required ethics and regulatory approvals and carry out all aspects of the clinical study including recruitment, data collection, analytics, data analyses and interpretation of results. You will receive a detailed final report at the conclusion of your study.

The WRNC has a commercial GI testing laboratory catered to the needs of our food industry clients. Foods are tested in healthy volunteers according to internationally standardized, validated methods. Upon completion of your study, you will receive a final report, detailing the methods used for glycemic index determination and presenting the determined GI value of your product(s). Additionally, we can work with your company to optimize the formulation of your product to lower the GI value.

Sensory analysis uses the human senses to measure food characteristics including taste, texture, smell, and appearance in a standardized, controlled environment. Conducting sensory evaluation allows you to better understand how specific ingredients,  packages, or storage conditions affect the sensory properties of your product. This information can assist your company in addressing consumer demands and developing new, innovative products.

Using the WRNC's modern laboratory facilities our expert technicians can characterize and assay many families of compounds including, but not limited to, macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, flavanoids, polyphenols and phytosterols.  By identifying and quantifying  key compositional qualities we can help you promote and highlight your supplement, functional food or ingredient.

Let the WNRC be your strategic partner in navigating the Canadian regulatory environment. Our team can help you classify and register your natural health product with Health Canada allowing you to access the market place sooner. We also have extensive experience coordinating submissions for  health claims.